Behavioral Health Technician

Behavioral Health Technician in West Palm Beach, Florida

The BHT program is a 30 hour professional development program designed for healthcare workers who want to build on their current certification or licensure to work with individuals with behavioral disorders.

This is an entry-level credential for those who assist primary counselors and therapeutic staff by providing clinical support services to adults or children who are receiving substance abuse or mental health services in residential programs, in-patient settings or community based programs.

Basic knowledge of the 12-Step Program is recommended. As some BHT’s in the field have experienced mental health or substance abuse issues in their lives, many employers require that those individuals have had 1 to 2 years of recovery for employment purposes. This is oftentimes determined on background records but each employer has different requirements which are sometimes based on the current Florida Statutes.

Content Specific Training

30 hours of content specific training, allocated as follows:

  • Clinical Competence: 8 hours
  • Maintaining Client and Personal Safety: 4 hours
  • Documentation and Patient Confidentiality: 4 hours
  • Ethical and Professional Responsibilities: 4 hours
  • Electives: 10 hours in any BHT domain

After qualifying working experience, Behavioral Health Technicians can apply to take the Certification Exam as a BHT.